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Many Facets: Achieving the AAA Four Diamond Award

In the hotel and resort industry, one of the highest and most prestigious achievements is earning the AAA Four Diamond Award. It’s a distinction that truly sets exceptional destinations apart from their price-point peers. In fact, less than six percent of the nearly 28,000 AAA-approved properties across the U.S. can display the impressive title. It’s a defining logo that selective guests actively search out when choosing lodgings for personal vacations and business travel alike.

But how do property owners achieve this superior level of excellence? How do you improve an existing rating or attain four diamonds for a new property? What about a team that has unsuccessfully tried to garner the award in the past and is looking to try again? Whichever the circumstance, meeting AAA’s rigorous criteria is an intense and involved process, to be sure. But, with the expertise of Crescent Hotels & Resorts as your management company, it’s a goal that can definitely be achieved.

Sheraton Bay Point Resort
                             Sheraton Bay Point Resort is a AAA Four Diamond property.

Making the Ratings
The proprietary AAA Diamond Rating Process is rigorous, and entails pre-qualifying. To even apply for evaluation, hotels and resorts must meet an extensive list of 27 requirements. These run the gamut from property cleanliness and comfort to security and safety. All the criteria are based on what the agency has determined its members would expect in a superior lodging stay. If your property passes this preliminary round, the next level of work begins. First and foremost, the property will be an upscale destination, both in terms of physical amenities and guest experiences offered. Most importantly, of course, accommodations will be refined and stylish, be they rooms or suites. Everything will reflect a noticeable level of overall aesthetic refinement.

Meeting AAA’s standards is a true challenge, and properties must offer an enhanced level of quality, including the nuanced aspects of hospitality. Exemplary customer service and minute attention to detail at every level are core elements of the Four Diamond Award. Crescent is a leading expert at proactively guiding property owners through the process in all these criteria and beyond.

Building Facade                                                                                                                                                          Marriott Syracuse

A Record of Experience
Crescent has a number of properties under management in its portfolio that have garnered the AAA Four Diamond Award. The Marriott Syracuse Downtown is a recent example. The hotel, which opened in late summer of 2016, was a complete foundation-to-decoration upgrade of a vintage downtown hotel dating back to the 1920s. An expansive $76 million restoration of the landmark reduced 600 outmoded guestrooms to 261 spacious rooms complete with stylish, contemporary furnishings that nonetheless retained the historic aura and original beauty of the property in its heyday decades ago. In addition, the high-tech amenities today’s selective and savvy travelers insist upon were added throughout the property. In terms of aesthetics, one of the most notable individual build-out projects undertaken by Crescent was the restoration of a second-story lobby mural from 1948 that depicts milestones from the New York State city’s history. State-of-the-art meeting venues and facilities for up to 1,330 guests were created, and two new top-notch restaurants were opened. The result? Just over a year from opening day, the hotel received the AAA Four Diamond Award in November, 2017. This was a swift pace in garnering the award, and is a testament to Crescent’s dedication to leading-edge work and a productive collaboration with the Marriott team.

More About Crescent
Crescent is an award-winning, nationally recognized, top-3 operator of hotels and resorts, with more than 100 hotels, resorts & conference centers currently under management across North America. Even more, Crescent is one of the few elite management companies approved to operate upper-upscale and luxury hotels under the brand families of Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and IHG. A collection of legendary independent lifestyle hotels and resorts under Latitudes Collection, Lifestyle by Crescent is a part of the portfolio, as well. Crescent’s clients include hotel REITs, private equity firms and major developers.

To learn more about how your property can benefit from Crescent’s experience — including garnering the AAA Four Diamond Award — click to begin the confidential consulting process.